What Is Creativity Coaching?

I believe we are all born with natural capacities to create and we all have creative potential of which we are unaware. As your advocate, I help creative people who are dedicated to exploring and identifying their creative values and goals, determining what defines personal success, and together mapping out a strategy in which their creative nature can flourish. 

This is a collaborative relationship where I am more of a guide rather than a teacher or consultant. I am here to listen, observe, pose questions, and offer feedback, but I don’t tell my client what to do.  The power of coaching lies in the client actually discovering their own answer and through that, a great deal of empowerment, self-confidence and self-respect.

With Hard Work Comes Reward

Imagine what you could accomplish with the support of a coach who is devoted to your creative well-being! As a Creativity Coach, I offer support, encouragement and specific tools (such as, Mindfulness) to help you navigate the challenges of your unique, creative journey. As a professional visual artist, photographer, entrepreneur, wilderness expedition leader and amateur elite athlete, I live and breath the challenges of a creative life and will offer my hard earned creative efforts as resources and tools for my clients.

Why Coaching?

With dedication and effort, you stand to benefit in the following ways:

  • Access an experienced creativity coach who is devoted to your creative well-being.
  • Boldly proceed in spite of fear and anxiety while offering tools, such as mindfulness, to help you with these issue.
  • Recognize option and strategize ways to act on a thoughtful plan.
  • Boost creativity by tending to organizational skills.
  • Learn tools to constructively manage critique from viewers and external influences.
  • Better understand how your authentic creative nature influences your life purpose and how you make meaning in your life.
  • Generate ideas and confidence for entering into and/or maintaining a presence in the marketplace.
  • Explore new ways to deal with lingering obstacles and issues of resistance like procrastination, perfectionism and the inner critic.

How It Works

When you work with me this is what happens;

  • We start with a 45 minute Discovery Session where we collaborate by phone for idea generation, Q&A, and planning.
  • I will email you with a Questionnaire and some prompts so the phone conversation is highly productive.
  • Then, depending on which package you have chosen, we will most likely meet twice a month where we will phone/video conference.
  • On alternate weeks, there will be one email exchange where you can update me on your progress (“homework”) and I will reply with questions, feedback and insight.  Remember, we collaborate!  I am here to support you and help you clarify and prioritize your needs and challenges. 

Some of the things we could work on are;

  • Creative Nature “check-in”; Where do you want to grow, change, elaborate or shift.
  • How to prioritize art (when life demands so much time and energy).
  • Deconstruct your creative blocks, self-doubt and validate that creativity matters to you.
  • Understand the creative process in order to make progress and managing the inner critic.
  • Choosing projects that call forth the best in you.
  • Develop strategies and habits of mind that reduce anxiety and bring more joy to your creative work.
  • My services and approach acknowledge that your Creative Nature is unique to you!