About Your Coach

I have always been an independent thinker.

My life continues to be a creative journey of both internal and external adventure and exploration.  I spent over 15 years in a content, nomadic lifestyle, primarily working as an outdoor educator and wilderness expedition leader, traveling domestically and abroad. In due time, I earned a BA in Cultural Anthropology from Hamline University in St.Paul, Minnesota. As an entrepreneur, active outdoor enthusiast, wilderness traveler, educator, athlete, and arts advocate, I know my skills as a certified creativity coach candidate will help others benefit in their lives

Then I jumped off a cliff.

When I moved to Durango, Colorado six years ago, I was a perfect candidate for needing creativity coaching.  In moving, I willingly left behind a hard earned following of devoted clientele in my portrait, wedding and fine art photography business along with a beautiful gallery and studio. I jumped off a cliff without a parachute and my creative world and personal identity were turned upside down. Throughout my journey, I knew that somehow I wanted to help artists and creatives as my empathy for our unique challenges runs deep in my heart.

Fast forward to helping creative people.

In 2016 Creative Nature™Coaching is born!  As a coach, I am devoted to helping adults for creative growth and empowerment grounded in self-respect, empathy and perseverance. I truly believe we are all born with natural capacities to create and we all have creative potential of which we are unaware.

Your creative nature  is unmatchable and uniquely you. Creativity is not a problem to be solved but a practice to enjoy.  The question is, how can creativity help you live a life that is more aligned with who you want to become? As a Creativity Coach, I offer support, encouragement and specific tools to help you navigate the challenges of your unique, creative journey so you can manifest your potential!

I look forward to coaching all types of creative adults from long-time artists of all mediums (both amateur & professional) to the growing population of recently-retired adults who are bridging a new gap. Plus, a population near and dear to my heart; the “high achieving introvert” (like me!).

I am a professional artist.

Pastel painting is my primary medium and I am deeply fond of sketching, drawing with markers, watercolor doodling and charcoal mark making. Ever tempted to try new tools, media, and all that sparks my creative heart.  My photographer & artist website is;  www.deborahsussex.com

My art-marketplace experience spans from being represented by galleries to selling personal work in my own gallery. Having worked as a sales associate in a high end art gallery, I can speak on behalf of artists and their work as well as appreciate the mindset of collectors and marketplace dynamics. 

The camera has been my long time companion.

In high school art was my lifeline.  I received a scholarship and thought I might go to art school.  But the lure of nature and the out of doors was bubbling strong.  I used my scholarship for a camera and that became my long-time medium of artistic expression as I ventured into the wilderness on MANY an adventure both personal and as a professional outdoor educator.  What a wonderful, challenging, demanding that was!

Other ways I explore my own Creative Nature are…

For the past 20 plus years I have been a nordic skier and serves to flood me with endorphins, channels my energy, gets me out of doors in my favorite season of the year; winter! My husband Mike, and I, have been together for 26 years and he is a long time supporter and advocate of my work.  We make great travel and adventure companions along with our 9 year old Border Collie named Molly.  She comes with us everywhere; when we are mountain biking, skiing, hiking, running, and of course she loves to hang out in the kitchen.  Having learned to bake and cook as a little girl, I find it a perfect way to create tasty things and give them away as gifts.