To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Your creative nature is unmatchable and uniquely you; constantly winding, speeding up, slowing down, hitting an occasional bump or perhaps screeching to a halt. Whatever your challenges, pursuing your creative intentions requires effort, imagination and occasionally the help from an outside source. As a Creativity Coach, I offer support, encouragement and specific tools to help you navigate the challenges of your unique, creative journey.

Whether you are an overworked corporate executive, recently retired and bridging a new gap, a high achieving introvert or a devoted artist, dedicating time and effort to your creative nature requires courage, vision and a willingness to defy the cultural norm which presumes that “creativity is only for the naturally gifted”.  I believe we are all born with natural capacities to create and we all have creative potential of which we are unaware. 

Deborah Sussex

Creativity Coach

I am a certified creativity coach. As your advocate, I help creative people overcome obstacles and become the authentic, productive and confident artists they are worthy of being. I will facilitate a collaborative relationship which is a non judgemental source of support and compassion, encourages resourcefulness, honors accountability, and cultivates happiness, healing and wisdom through a meaningful creative life.
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What My Creative Clients Have To Say

  • I appreciated having someone who was totally focused on my goals! Deborah's listening and reflecting helped me stay focused, one goal at a time. I learned how to sell myself, as an artist, in an authentic way and I developed new ideas about marketing and opened myself up more to the creative process. It was helpful to be accountable to myself through being accountable to a coach. I look forward to continuing my creativity coaching with Deborah!

    Denali Brooke - New Mexcio Professional Visual Artist and Teacher
  • Deborah is a wonderful, encouraging source through the creative process. She has a gift to acknowledge her student's big dreams, and bring clarity to simple action steps that work towards those dreams coming true. Her guidance teaches creators to be gentle with themselves through the process, and her encouragement brings light to the good in what we sometimes tell ourself is stagnation or backwards steps. Deborah's coaching has helped change the way I view ideas to make them more achievable, instead of more stressful. She brought recognition to self-limiting beliefs and helped find new ways of thinking that create self-confidence, clarity, and joy in running a business!

    Aubrey Volger - Colorado Professional Mountain Bike Coach, Masseuse & Meditation Teacher
  • Deborah's workshop entitled "4 Keys to Increased Creativity" was the perfect introduction for an art neophyte like me. With respect to the psychological aspects of art, Deborah emphasized the key role of mindfulness and intentions, training the brain, striving to accomplish one creative act each day, awareness on how to set my physical space for creativity for success, and urging the exploration of my life experiences towards which I felt a tug; what it was that made me feel alive, and identifying the personal triggers associated with such feelings. I would encourage anyone interested in exploring the world of art, broadening your existing skills, or to increase the many possibilities of releasing your art creativity to consider taking one of Deborah’s workshops.

    Greg Hoch - Colorado Retired City Planner and Art Neophyte

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