Learn to Live Mindfully

Deborah Sussex is a certified teacher with the Mindful Life Program having graduated from the comprehensive, one year training in June, 2019. She is certified to teach the Eight week Mindfulness Foundations Course which, along with her qualifications as a certified Creativity Coach and extensive teaching background, make her a confident, capable leader and facilitator.

The Mindful Life Program offers courses that combine meditation training with practical, accessible, and universal skills that empower you to engage in your life with attention and intention. Learn to experience life’s events, your thoughts, and your emotions consciously and be able to respond with clarity and wisdom. Transform your life and cultivate genuine, lasting happiness.

Eight Week Mindfulness Foundations Course

Eight week Mindfulness Foundations Course:
A 20 hour comprehensive and engaging course for adults which combines the practice of meditation along with helping you apply practical tools in daily life founded in four key areas of mindfulness: Attention, Wisdom, Values and Open Heartedness.

Empowered by your new skills, you can experience life’s events, your thoughts, and your emotions more consciously and thus be able to respond to life’s circumstances with clarity and wisdom versus falling back on habitual and reactive behaviors.

Everyone stands to benefit from mindfulness – regardless of their cultural, economic, or spiritual background and know that learning to live mindfully helps cultivate inner peace and well being.

Who Can Participate:
This course offering is for adults 18 years and up. Maximum group size is 10. Come as you are! No experience necessary in either meditation or mindfulness.

Credit Options:
*Continuing Professional Development (CPDs) credits available for social workers,
therapists, and substance abuse counselors.
*Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may be available for teachers.

Upcoming Course in Durango

  • Dates: April 28th – June 17th, 2020
  • Time: Eight, Tuesday evenings from 6:00pm – 8:30pm
  • Course Location: Purple Cliffs Building
    NEW Conference room above Sunnyside Market
    and behind Home Depot – 1305 Escalante Drive
  • Course Fee:
    Only $350 (early signup by April 7th for $300).  Scholarships and payment plans available.
  • Included with the Course:
  • 20 hours of engaging conversation and learning supported by a trained teacher.
  • Meditation Instruction and practice.
  • Companion Journal.
  • Copy of The Wisdom of a Meaningful Life by co-founder John Bruna.
  • Three-month membership to the Mindful Life Community online.
  • Three-month free access to Mindful Life Community app (phone or tablet).
  • Access to meditation library and additional resources.
  • Daily practice guide
  • Contact Deborah (970)-259-4389 or email for application.

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