What My Creative Clients Have To Say

  • One of the things Deborah does well in coaching is to listen and reflect. I felt as though she was totally focused on my goals and rarely, if at all, spoke about herself. One of my challenges was changing my ideas and habits about marketing myself. I had some resistance changing my behavior around habits and Deborah handled this issue well.

    Denali Brooke - New Mexico Professional Visual Artist and Teacher
  • I've struggled for sometime to find the ability to narrow my focus and find my own artistic voice. With Deb's weekly sharing of ideas and experience, I was able to finally move past my creative blocks. Through posing questions and offering suggestions, she helped me sort through what I valued, set new goals, and helped me to stay focused on and connected to my art.

    Dorota Sokolowski - Maine Artist and Working Mother
  • I learned a lot about defining what needed my attention among the cloud of many ideas. Deborah helped me realize simple action steps so it felt like there was forward movement even in the smallest actions. Even when there were doubts or I felt like a slacker or stuck, Deborah gave encouragement and helped me see that even if the mind tells us we're moving backwards, we're actually still moving forwards. I recommend Deborah to any creative as she is a wonderful, gentle, passionate guide who will encourage her clients to break into the new and unknown!

    Aubrey Volger - Colorado Professional Mountain Bike Coach, Masseuse & Meditation Teacher
  • I highly recommend Deborah! Personally, I have found that the demands of work and raising families are best balanced with artistic pursuits. With my scientific and analytical career, Deborah encouraged me to explore my creative potential. She fostered a commitment for me to allot time to be creative. She was very in tune with my individual needs, and I look forward to continuing my art with her in the future.

    Jesse Hutt - Colorado Childhood Cancer Doctor and Aspiring Artist
  • Deborah, as both teacher and coach, pulls from a vast and varied spectrum of knowledge, insight and talent in generous support of her students. She is easy to work with; open, willing and thoughtful. Deborah would arrive like a magical muse alighting between us, an adventurous bag of tricks and treats under her arm that both purged our fears and urged our creativity mindfully onward and upward into unexpected places! I highly recommend this special, impactful artist, Deborah Sussex, come into your own lives!

    Robin Wiles - Colorado Life long artist and creator
  • Deborah is a very insightful, knowledgeable, nurturing and inspiring creativity coach. She helped me realize ways in which to follow my inspiration. She worked with me to see how my creative endeavors are for me and that helped me get over my perfectionism and mental blocks around my creativity. I learned to celebrate all my moments and expressions of creativity, especially the small ones and the times where I feel inspired in the moment to create and to do so even when I'm busy in my life. Because she is so knowledgeable, I would recommend Deborah to both experienced artists and for anyone who is just beginning to explore creativity.

    Meggie Dooley - Colorado Creativity Explorer

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